About Our Spanish School

Study Spanish in Beautiful Montevideo!

Study Spanish in Beautiful Montevideo!

Spanish Uruguay is made up of a team of expert educators dedicated to teaching language and culture to our students! We have offices and offer classes in  several cities of both Uruguay and Argentina. Our Spanish School in Montevideo is a perfect place to learn the language and explore this amazing South American capital city!

At our Spanish School in Montevideo, students study in a beautiful area of town, situated between the neighborhoods of Parque Rodó and Palermo. Our students have the option of participating in  our travel and cultural excursions to learn more about the area. Within the classroom, they’ll learn not just about grammar and speaking, but about food, literature, and history. Both within and outside the classroom, they’ll be able to explore this dynamic capital city, as well as the rest of this country, full of beautiful coastlines and beaches! When you’re studying with us in Montevideo, there’s never a dull moment, and there’s always a chance to experience and learn more!

Learn Spanish with Us

We offer a wide variety of Spanish Courses in Montevideo, so that you’ll be placed in a class that fits your level and comfort in the language. We also offer private classes, and long-distance classes via skype, so that you can continue practice when you return from your trip, or get started before you travel to South America. Don’t hesitate in contacting us for more info if you’re interested in studying with us, and in immersing yourself in Spanish language and South American culture!


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