Montevideo and its surroundings


Fray Bentos

Located in the department of  Rio Negro, this city has a major port and the Libertador General San Martin bridge, which joins the province of Entre Rios Argentina . Among its attractions is its overseas port and Refrigerator, which houses objects of the Industrial Revolution Museum. It has nice resorts like Las Cañas, surrounded by native vegetation as ceibos and a well equipped camping area. Other interesting places are the Solari Museum, the House of Arts and crafts area at the port of Anglo neighborhood. There is also a flying club which perform extreme activities like paragliding.

Attractions : Harbor, spas, architecture, crafts , parks , flora, fauna , museums, culture.

Activities: Paragliding , camping , water sports , fishing, boating , hiking, photography , historical tours , excursions.

Location: Department of Rio Negro, west coast of Uruguay .

Climate: Temperate humid.

Getting there: By air you can get to the Carrasco International Airport in Montevideo. By land, taking the route number 2, number 3 to 24. Through puento Libertador General San Martin can be reached from the city of Guleguaychú Argentina .

Services: Housing, food , transportation .

Surroundings : Abroad , Mercerdes .


Located in the department of Colonia , is known for its beautiful resorts along the Rio de la Plata, with white sands and clear waters . It also has interesting historical buildings like the Plaza de la Independencia , the house of culture of Ignacio Barrios, Carmen Parish Museum , among others. But its main attraction is the swing bridge over the creek Cows , allowing large vessels to pass . It also has beautiful beach resorts like Sere, Zagarzazú spa and marina. camping with nautical services and food. It also has natural areas as a wildlife reserve where you can find wild animals in the area as hares, black-necked swans , flamingos , emu , capybara and others.

Attractions : Harbour, architecture , spas , natural areas, flora, fauna, crafts, food .

Activities: cultural tours , outdoor activities , water sports , camping , walking, hiking .

Location: Coast of the Río de la Plata.

Climate: Temperate .

Getting there: By air you can get to the Laguna de los Patos International Airport , taking the overland route 21. There is also ferry service from Buenos Aires , Argentina .

Services : Accommodation, food, transport , tourism agencies .

Surroundings : Grit , Nueva Palmira , Colonia .


DaymanThis area is known for its hot springs with a maximum temperature of 44 degrees, located on the banks of the Uruguay River , on the northern coast . For its healing and therapeutic properties , the thermal waters are used in massage creams and beauty treatments and relaxation. In addition to sampling these spas , Dayman has several natural areas to visit such as Lake Park , overlooking Lake Salto Grande and Harriague park where cycles are performed summer theater and runs a zoo. It is also an area of ​​interest mystic and has great places for religious tourism as the grotto of Padre Pio.

Attractions : Natural areas, flora, fauna , hot springs, spas, religious tourism.

Activities: Camping , recreation, hiking, walking , relaxation and beauty treatments .

Location: Coast of the Uruguay River.

Climate: Temperate .

Getting there: By air you can get to the Carrasco International Airport by land taking Route 3 .

Services: Housing, food , transportation .

Surroundings : Salto, Arapey .


ColoniaColonia del Sacramento , known in the local environment such as Cologne , is the capital of the department of Colonia , Uruguay . Located at the confluence of the rivers Uruguay and La Plata, in southwestern Uruguay and 177 kilometers from Montevideo. It is located on the headland forming the tips of San Pedro and Santa Rita .   Its historic district was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1995. Live in Cologne Portuguese colonial style buildings with Spanish style homes . Walking through its cobbled streets you can enjoy beautiful scenery and wonderful views of the Rio de la Plata. There are many walks in the city for visitors. The Street of Sighs and magic , the Lighthouse , the ruins of the Convent of San Francisco , The Viceroy’s House , The Gate of the Citadel, The Mother Church , The Bastion del Carmen are just some of the attractions for visitors to this beautiful city . Wish to devote a special paragraph to museums in Colonia del Sacramento. Its 8 museums ( Portuguese , Municipal , Indian , Tile , Spanish , Regional Archives , and Naval Nacarello House ) is a true historical treasure that allows us to connect with the history of Cologne and its inhabitants who lived there since the beginning of this city. We invite visitors from Cologne to visit them and discover treasures cough each of these museums. In these pages Uruguay Colonia try to show you some of them . And to achieve this goal we provide information , notes , pictures and virtual tours of Uruguay Colonia .

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