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Traveling to Montevideo, Uruguay

Study Spanish in Montevideo!

Study Spanish in Montevideo!

Montevideo, Uruguay is the ideal setting to travel and take spanish courses! This capital city is the largest of Uruguay, with a million and a half inhabitants. It was founded by the Spanish In 1726 and is located along the famous river “Rio de la Plata.” It’s home to a long coastline and boardwalk, one of its many attractions! Since its founding, the city has received immigrants from many parts of the world, particularly Europe.

In Montevideo, the traveler will find a large number of theaters, a prestigious opera house, many museums, and beautiful green areas and parks, as well as world-class shopping centers and golf courses. The city’s cultural life is truly varied and attractive for many different kinds of travelers, and offers the chance to see such activities as tango, and one of the most famous carnival celebrations in the world.

A mini-tour of Montevideo!

Here are some of the neighborhoods, landmarks, and sites you’ll find in this enchanting city.

The Old City
This is the traditional finance center of Montevideo but its also home to amazing architecture, plazas, and museums. The perfect place for a walk!

The Port Market
This traditional and renowned indoor market is filled with countless barbecue stands, famous for its meat and fish dishes!

Plaza Matriz
This is the main square of the old city, where you’ll find a flea market with tempting offers for lovers of antiques and rare objects.

Solis Theater
This 19th century opera house is famous for its architecture, as well as the famous orchestras, soloists, and singers that perform here when they’re on tour in South America.

Spanish Courses in MontevideoDowntown
The center of Montevideo is very dynamic and has a variety of shops of all kinds, hotels, theaters, and many cafes where people from Montevideo socialize with pleasure. From here, there is transportation to all parts of the city, and even farther away!

The Legislative Palace
This is a splendid marble and granit building, and the seat of the parliament in Uruguay.

This neighborhood and residential area is home to traditional mansions that are surrounded by gorgeous gardens, old trees, and quiet streets.

El Cerro (‘The hill’)
One of the symbols of this capital city: from the top of the famous hill, you’ll get a great view overlooking the bay and the Old City.

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