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Explore Uruguay and Learn Spanish!

Explore Uruguay and Learn Spanish!

Uruguay is a great country to live in and take spanish courses! You’ll feel right at home, feel safe, and be able to really immerse yourself in the Spanish language. Uruguay is a small country situated between two giants, Brazil and Argentina, with a population of just over million. If you take courses at our Spanish School in Montevideo, Uruguay, you’ll be in a friendly and warm environment! Uruguayans welcome travelers, retirees, expatriates, tourists and students from around the world. A friendly treatment abroad is the rule, not the exception, here.

A great quality of life, that includes an environment that combines European and Latin cultures, as well as reasonable prices. A reliable infrastructure, with good sources of energy and water supply and well-run highways. Everything is prepared for a smooth, easy travel experience. Uruguay has the best and highest life expectancy in Latin America as well as the lowest crime rates and level of corruption. While, as in any city, you should be always be careful with your safety and personal items, you’ll find that it’s extremely safe and you’ll be able to walk at night without any problems. A lovely, mild climate— Summer (December to March) is warm but with pleasantly cool nights. In winter (June to September) it can be cold and windy, but there are lots of sunny days and it never snows.

Studying in Uruguay

There’s also delicious food! Uruguay offers variety and quality. When dining out, you’ll find top quality meat, seafood and fish. Supermarkets and specialty stores have everything you’ll need to prepare your own great meal! Like its Southern Cone neighbors, Argentina and Chile, Uruguay also produces some fin wines that can’t be missed. Uruguay is home to a long and beautiful coastline, that includes hundreds of miles of beaches, perfect fo sunbathing, swimming, sailing, and surfing. Beaches always host a wide variety of activities, including international film and music festivals, sports events, and whale-watching! There’s also river banks where you can stay at great campsites or go boating, rowing, or sailing.

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