Why Study Spanish?

The Importance of Learning Spanish

Learn Spanish Today! At our Spanish School, Spanish Uruguay, we offer language courses for all ages and levels. If you’re wondering why you should learn Spanish – think about this! Spanish has become a necessity. Learning the language is still a daunting prospect but can definitely be overcome. Spanish is one of the languages used in the communication of entrepreneurs, professionals, students and workers. The influence of this language is growing every day.

Learning Spanish will give you the best chance in the labor market and, of course, higher expectations for growth in the international sector. There are of course many other reasons to learn Spanish, for example, to understand and appreciate literature, music and other cultural forms expressed in the language.

Study Spanish in Uruguay• A Global language
One hundred years ago, 60 million people spoke Spanish in the world. Today, nearly 400 million people speak Spanish as their mother tongue and 100 million speak Spanish as a second language.
The United States has a population of 35 million Spanish-speakers. This population has grown 60% in the last decade and by 2050 is projected to represent 50% of the U.S. population. Europe has 57 million Spanish-speakers, including 40 million in Spain.

• Growing business and employment opportunities
Bilingual employees have always been in great demand in international business, diplomacy and development agencies. Studying Spanish will make your opportunities grow rapidly in a wide range of professions like commerce, medicine and education.
Many service industries offer growth opportunities within and outside their respective countries for Spanish speakers.
Economic integration through the European Union, NAFTA and other inter-American trade agreements promise to continue to bring opportunities to those who are fluent in Spanish.

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